The Best Anti-Aging Products for Fall

No single beauty product can turn back the clock. That said, there are certain tricks for fall that can help skin appear more youthful, including pampering those parts of your face you might sometimes neglect, starting with your lips.   Lip Service You probably keep your lips hydrated, but when was the last time you […]

Beauty Tips for Your Daughter

Frosted eye shadow. Raccoon lined eyes. Sound like your teenage daughter? She may have started wearing makeup but needs some pointers. We’re here to help! Get your teen in the habit of taking care of her skin at an early age. Start with an SPF moisturizer and daily cleanser. There are many on the market, […]

5 Beauty Tips for Moms on the Go

Carmindy, a professional make-up artist on TLC’s hit show “What Not To Wear,” talked with us about how a busy mom can get out the door quickly, but looking gorgeous. She walked us through her famous “5 minute face.” Easy enough for amateurs, but pro results! And her signature advice? Don’t forget to “Carmindize!” (See […]

The “Skinny” on Natural and Effective Beauty Products

Beauty products without dangerous chemicals can be effective, but it helps to have a guide to what works and what to buy. We spoke with Kim Barnouin, author of the New York Times bestseller “Skinny Bitch,” to discuss her latest book, “Skinny Bitch: Home, Beauty & Style: A No-Nonsense Guide to Cutting the Crap Out […]

Runway to Real Way

The buzz during Fashion Week wasn’t just about the glam clothes. The crowds were also talking up the striking makeup and hairstyles that dominated the runway. The following tips will help you convert these runway looks into your daily life whether you’re running errands or attending a fabulous event. Defined brows Gone are the days […]