Better or Bust: Burberry Lip Mists

Welcome to Better or Bust, a new column where we determine whether a product will make your life better, or if it’s just a flat out bust. On today’s dock: Burberry’s new “Lip Mists.”


As a lipstick for summer, when we typically want to wear less makeup and look dewier and more relaxed, the lip mists are pretty fab. They’re sheerer than a traditional lipstick, but have more pigment than a gloss, so you get just the right amount of color and shine.

“I’m afraid of lip color and never wear lipstick, but I wear this almost daily,” art director Jessica DeJong says. “The color is very sheer and natural looking, more of a tinted gloss than an opaque lipstick.”

Other Pros:

The feel. The mists contain emollients that moisturize your lips, so you don’t get the dry flakiness typical of some lipsticks or the stickiness of glosses. The texture is wonderfully silky.

The packaging. Besides the iconic Burberry logo etched on the stick, the cap is magnetic, so you don’t need to worry about it popping off if you, like us, tend to toss your lipstick in your bag along with your keys, phone, Kleenex, breath mints…

The colors. Ranging from nudes to pinks to a great Burberry red, the shades are light and fresh. “I love my bright, spring pink!” says associate editor Liz Logan. While they require reapplication throughout the day, the mists act a bit like a stain, so your lips retain some color after eating and drinking. Dab on lightly for just a hint of color, or layer on a few coats for a more intense hue.

The $30 price tag puts the lip mists at the higher end of the makeup spectrum, but for a summer lipstick you’ll live in, we think it’s worth the splurge.

The ruling: BETTER!

Burberry Lip Mists, $30, available at select Nordstrom stores, and

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