Our Lady of Perpetual Help School – Stronger than Ever


A vibrant Catholic school prepared for 21st century education, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School continues to be a leader on the North Shore, a true reflection of its commitment to local families. 

OLPH sits on a welcoming eight-building campus in Glenview, offering a quality, faith-based education from preschool through eighth grade. Each grade level fosters the development of the whole person during the formative years, laying a foundation for a true love of learning.

OLPH, now making a triumphant stride toward 100 years of premier Catholic education, believes that religious education as a part of curriculum plays a key role in the development of responsible young adults. 


At OLPH School, parents are active partners in their child’s education. The school does not simply enroll a student; they enroll a family. Recognizing parents as the primary educators of children, OLPH supports, supplements and enriches family life.

A standout in the area’s offerings, OLPH has been home to full-day kindergarten for more than 30 years. The kindergarten program provides a warm, creative learning environment, with compassionate leadership at the helm of this important level of early education.  

“We know that OLPH’s kindergarten program is successful, as we see so many OLPH kindergarten graduates go on to do very well in grade school and beyond,” said Mike Keating, OLPH father of three. “What sets OLPH apart is recognizing that the experience of the kindergarten year is not just about excellence in academics but creating a solid foundation of understanding how to respect one another, acting compassionately and gaining a true love of learning.”

OLPH also continues to make health and safety a priority during this unique time. Open all last school year for in-person instruction, OLPH continues to commit to face-to-face education. Even amid a worldwide pandemic, the school not only takes safety measures seriously, but also constantly communicates with parents. 


“The staff and administration have gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of our school,”  said Isenia Wynn, OLPH mother of three. “These unprecedented times have presented unique challenges, yet they have managed to provide our children with the same high-quality education OLPH is known for. As parents, we are grateful that our children feel safe and supported every time they walk through those doors.”

The school’s technology also has kept up with the demands of the changing world. A computer lab, iPads and state-of-the-art 3D printers are available to all students. In addition, OLPH effectively adapted during these last years of schooling during a pandemic, rising to the technological occasion. The school has enabled classroom access via Zoom for students who are out for illness or quarantine, ensuring the learning never slows or stops. 

OLPH School warmly welcomes private tours anytime. Call (847) 724-6990 to schedule, or visit the OLPH website for a virtual tour.

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