Better or Bust: Dirty Paws Footbath

My home is the go-to day care center for my son’s large Golden Retriever puppy.


He is adorable, a great companion to our little 6-year-old lovable mutt, and lives to traipse through every inch of wet mud he can find.

Enter the Dirty Paws Footbath.

A colleague gave the Footbath to me—as a sympathetic gesture after she observed my attempts to corral and wipe down said dogs one afternoon during a meeting at my “day care” facility.

After one try, I was hooked.

Directions are simple:

  • Fill plastic container with warm water
  • Add soap if needed
  • Put dog’s paw in
  • Shake
  • Wipe with microfiber towel (provided!)

Why it’s Better:

  • No more buckets
  • Towels
  • Muddy rugs
  • Super easy to use

With the Dirty Paws Footbath (dare I say it) you won’t be barking up the wrong tree.

Dirty Paws Footbath is available at: or $11 + shipping

Also noteworthy:
“The Paw Plunger,” which looks to be a little more heavy duty and has a soft brush insert. Dave from Wilmette Pet Center swears by it!

$27 to $35 depending on size
Wilmette Pet Center
625 Greenbay Rd, Wilmette, IL

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