Easy and Fun Activities with Your Kids

As the excitement of summer’s beginning wears off and parents take on the role of “entertainer” in addition to Mom or Dad, Mibs wants to make your life a little easier.


So, we’ve come up with some things to do with your kids that will help keep the excitement flowing all summer long.

Ask a mystery guest to come for dinner.

Tell the kids that on a certain night, one or more “mystery guests” will be coming for dinner. The children will not know until the guest(s) arrive who is coming, but they can help by:

  • planning the menu
  • shopping and cooking for the meal
  • cleaning the house
  • setting the table
  • dressing a little nicer for the special night

Actual participation varies by age and parent comfort level.

Parents will invite the guest in advance, explaining the idea and preparing the guests for the fact that the dinner may involve PB&J or mac n’ cheese, which in a child’s world are caviar (they just can’t eat them enough!).

Good mystery guests can be your child’s former coach or teacher, a relative, an old friend of the family or a neighbor—just to name a few.  If all goes well, the next time you are having guests over, the kids will be more mindful before making big messes, and they may even participate!

Prep Time: 2 days minimum
Age group: All

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