7 Father’s Day Gifts Dads Will Love

7 Father’s Day Gifts Dads Will Love

Father’s Day can be a tricky one. How are you supposed to let your dad know how much you care without the appropriate gift? And does he really need another golf-related something? Probably not. So here are seven gifts that he’ll actually love.

Rachio Sprinkler Controller

Father's Day Gifts: Rachio Sprinkler Controller

This is not your average sprinkler controller. Rachio is so high-tech, it basically does everything short of grow the grass for you. It can adjust your watering schedule based on local weather reports, connects to an app (obviously) and can even help you save up to 50 percent off your monthly water bill ­— good for the globe and your grass. Just connect it to any supported device, including Google Home, Nest and Amazon Alexa, and tell it what to do. The future is now! $199.99 or $249.99, Rachio

Ezra Arthur Wallet

Father's Day Gifts: Ezra Arthur Wallet

Every man needs a great wallet, and this is one of the best. This sleek option keeps everything together in a tight little bundle Dad can slide in his front pocket — this means no sitting on a lumpy billfold and wearing out suit pants and dress slacks. Available in 10 (yes, 10) gorgeous colors, this wallet is all leather, all the time. Plus, it’s tanned by Horween, which is one of the oldest tanneries in America … and the only one in Chicago. $50, Ezra Arthur

Gentleman’s Cooperative

Father's Day Gifts: Gentleman’s Cooperative

For a custom-made suit in what can only be described as a “baller” atmosphere, send Dad to the Gentleman’s Cooperative. He’ll collaborate with high-end tailors to make a suit just for him. Along with their suits, gents can get a haircut, massage, manicure and shoe shine in a swanky setting complete with pool tables, cigars and drinks that come along with the package too. Oh, and by the way, it was founded by former Bachelorette contestant Nick Roy. Prices vary, Gentleman’s Cooperative

Xtreme Xperience 

Father's Day Gifts: Xtreme Xperience

This one’s for all the daredevil and gearhead dads: Send Dad to the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet for a few screaming-fast laps around a real racetrack in a supercar. Each driver gets three laps in the exotic car of their choice. Or, for the serious car fanatics, you can buy packages to drive multiple vehicles. You can also get add-ons like photo and video packages, apparel and more. Definitely more exciting than a trip downtown for brunch. Starting at $288, Xtreme Xperience

Collectors’ Car Garage Membership

Father's Day Gifts: Collectors’ Car Garage Membership

This is basically a country club for your baby. If you have a special ride that you just don’t want to keep in the driveway at home, bring it to the Collectors’ Car Garage and let the pros take care of it there. And this isn’t just your basic parking spot. Collectors’ Car Garage offers storage, concierge and detailing services, a clubhouse with couches and big-screen TVs for members, air purification, and video surveillance of the car. Plus, for Make it Better Readers only: You can get three months of storage free, per vehicle, with a one-year lease. $400 a month, Collectors’ Car Garage 

Cooking Classes at The Chopping Block

Father's Day Gifts: Cooking Classes at The Chopping Block

For the gourmand dad, a cooking class can be a great family activity. At The Chopping Block, you can take a class in everything from a steakhouse dinner to the food and wines of California. Once you’re done cooking, meander through their amazing store and pick up a new All-Clad pan or Le Creuset. It’s really a present for the whole family when Dad decides to make short ribs. Prices vary per class, The Chopping Block

Coffee of the Month Club

Father's Day Gifts: Atlas Coffee Club

With the Atlas Coffee of the Month Club, Dad will always have a fresh cup of single-origin beans waiting for him in the morning. With sustainable practices and a global reach (one month Kenya, the next month Costa Rica!), you’ll get tasting notes and brewing instructions with every shipment. You can also buy coffee-making kits on the website if your pour-over situation isn’t cutting it. Prices vary between $14 and $42 every two weeks, Atlas Coffee Club


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