Holiday Nutrition for Pets

In the holiday season, it is easy to indulge, and our pets are no exception.


Due to an abundance of treats around the holidays, dogs and cats are likely to put on weight. Couple this with a decreased activity level in the colder months, and weight gain can add up over time.  Measuring feeding amounts is essential to knowing how much your pet is actual consuming. Remember that every treat and snack also counts!

  • One oatmeal cookie for a dog=one hamburger for a human
  • 1 oz. of cheese for a cat=four candy bars for a human
  • One potato chip for a cat=half a hamburger for a human

Maintaining a healthy weight at every age is important for the long term health of your pet.  For example, puppies that are overweight when they are young have an increased risk of developing joint problems when they are older than puppies who maintained a healthy weight throughout growth.

Your veterinarian can help you determine a healthy weight for your pet and advise a nutritional diet based on the body condition and life stage of your pet. And if your pet does enjoy a little holiday indulgence, counteract that with a healthy feeding plan and regular activity over the rest of the year.

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