Must-Have School Supplies for Kids of All Ages

As day camps and summer jobs begin to wind down, it is evident that the new school year is around the corner. What better way to fuel the excitement than with a school supply shopping spree? The clean, organized look of new binders, shiny mechanical pencils and fresh notebooks is hard for anyone to resist. Whether your kids are heading into their first year of elementary school or finishing up high school, we have the ultimate school supply checklist for any household.

Elementary School

Sugar Cookie-Scented Notebook: Keep kiddos motivated during the school day with the scent of fresh-baked cookies every time they begin to take notes. This delicious-smelling notebook will be a sweet addition to your child’s more traditional school supplies. Perpetual Kid, $8 



Standout Backpacks: What child doesn’t want to sport a cute animal on their back as they roam around elementary school? Unique backpacks are perfect for youngsters who are just starting to bring home books and homework. Nordstrom, $20


Patterned Water Bottle: Encourage your little ones to stay hydrated in class with these CamelBak Kids’ eddy water bottles. When they can’t pop out for a water break, studious types can take a sip from this spill-resistant bottle right at their desks. REI, $13


Ketchup Pen and Mustard Highlighter: Let your student steal the classroom spotlight with this attention-grabbing ketchup-and-mustard-pen-and-highlighter duo. The creative combo is sure to add some fun to any assignment, and leave students reminiscing about summer barbeques. Perpetual Kid, $9


Middle School

Full Binder Pencil Pouch: Middle school is the era of binders—one for every subject. Give your student less to lug around with the full binder pencil pouch that easily clips into each binder and eliminates the need for a separate pencil case. Chances are that your student is not yet lifting weights at the gym, so give those developing biceps a break by lightening their load at school. Staples, $8

LockerLookz: Let your students express themselves through décor. LookerLookz offers wallpapers, rugs, storage, lighting and additional accessories that allow students to transform blank lockers into mini-masterpieces. LockerLookz, prices vary 


Personalized Binders: Break away from predictable greens, blues and blacks, and pop some color into your children’s supplies. These personalized binders can be used for any subject, and can store up to approximately 300 pieces of paper. Keep all of those loose sheets together, and add style to the class content. Frecklbox, $27


Task Pads: Allow your student to stay organized with these colorful task pads that are perfect for to-do lists. Whether they’re tracking homework or other commitments, these helpful reminders will encourage little ones to stay on top of their schedules and visually see progress as they cross duties off their lists. Poppin, $6


Oh Snap Notebook: For your mini-fashionista, this notebook is the perfect school accessory. It looks like a sophisticated clutch on the outside, but it unfolds to reveal a lined notebook, pencil, pencil holder and cloth cord place-maker. Urban Outfitters, $24


High School

Big Props Pencil Case: These days, we’re all about multi-tasking, and this pencil case does just that. With the ability to store writing utensils while simultaneously propping up tablets and iPhones, your student can conduct online research with note-taking tools within arm’s reach. Staples, $8


Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: Staying organized can be a fashion statement with a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. With a variety of designs and sizes, your student can document important events and assignments in style. Lilly Pulitzer, $17-36


Livescribe Smartpen: The smartpen transfers handwritten notes instantly to your student’s smartphone or tablet, while recording audio synchronized with written notes via microphones on each device. For your technology-savvy student, the Livescribe Smartpen is the only study tool they’ll need, as they can integrate their notes within the rest of their mobile life. Livescribe, $150


Pita Pencil Case: For all of the budding foodies out there, we’ve found the perfect school accessory. Made to look like grilled pita, this pencil case unfolds to expose elastic webbing that can hold up to 10 different writing utensils (may induce cravings around lunchtime!). Etsy, $25


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