North Shore Pet Chef Gives Real Raw Scoop

Diane Bennett is well known around the community as the go-to person when you need a conscientious daily dog walker or a pet sitter. She has successfully run her company Paw Prints, based in Wilmette, for 11 years and has 3 employees who help her manage her furry clients.
What most people don’t know is that Bennett has developed a natural pet food for dogs and cats called “Buster’s Choice.” The idea for this food was born from Bennett’s experiences at dog events as well as much reading on the subject.

“When I would go to different shows and pet conferences, there was always someone there handing out the latest pet food,” Bennett says. “It made me think that there should be more holistic food option for our animals. There has to be a better alternative than the processed dry food we see all over store shelves.”

So Bennett started reading about how wolves eat in the wild, and from that research, she developed a mixture of ground turkey and chicken, raw chicken bone and fresh organic kale.
Buster Choice Dog Food
When a dog or cat eats dry food, it stays in their teeth because they don’t have living enzymes in their mouths the way people do to help break down the food. In Buster’s Choice, the enzymes are present in the food, so it’s easier for the cat or dog to digest.

Bennett first gave Buster’s Choice to her epileptic cocker spaniel. “I was shocked at how much healthier this dog seemed, almost from the start,” she says. “And over time, the difference told me this product would help pets live better lives.”

Bennett says that some are concerned about handling “raw” or natural food.
She tells her customers simply to follow the same precautions as they do when handling raw meat bought at the grocery store: Wash your hands thoroughly when you’re finished and keep the meat refrigerated or frozen until it’s ready to be consumed.

Bennett has received licensing to make Buster’s Choice—a 3-hour, 2-step process that yields 40 pounds. Each container is vacuum-sealed for freshness.

“We can’t thank Diane enough for introducing us to Buster’s Choice,” says a recent customer. “We’ve only used the food for a short time and have already noticed a difference in our dog’s fur—my husband says it’s softer.”

Buster’s Choice Pet Food can be found at  Noah’s Ark Pet Supply Store in Winnetka. To learn more about Buster’s Choice or to contact Bennett about Paw Prints pet sitting and dog walking services or general pet care questions, call 847-251-0951 or 847-204-0951.

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