Not Your Kid’s Halloween

Move over, Batman. See ya, Spiderwoman. Meet, Jill and Judd Spector, a Deerfield couple a.k.a. Halloween’s adult friendly super heroes.


October 31 is all the rage for candy-coveting, costume-adoring, pumpkin-carving people everywhere. But for Jill and Judd, Halloween is more than just an evening of trick or treating and dressing up; it marks the date of a party they begin planning 11 months prior. Indeed, this fierce, fun-loving couple goes above and beyond for the spookiest eve of the year.

“We literally start the process on November 1st—the day after our annual party—to create, enhance and work toward topping the year before. I come up with a theme, and then begin brainstorming invitations, food, drinks, decorations, costumes and more. I love everything about it, explains Jill. “It’s a night of making new memories and cherishing the joy of being playful.” Says this mom of a five- and six-year-old.

Here’s a peek inside the Spector’s stash of haunted pleasures that they create each year for about 100 costumed and frolicking friends.

Theme-tastic Night

A Kindergarten teacher by trade, Jill has always been creative—especially with the theme and decorations. “I love to choose a theme that people can use as a jumping-off point, and that I can easily incorporate into my decorating, too.” She says that she always pick something that’s really hot. For example, last year the theme was TV stars, but she and Judd didn’t reveal their costumes ahead of time.

Guests arrived to find MTV’s Jersey Shore transplanted to Deerfield. Jill and Judd dressed as Snookie and the Situation, and they rolled out a red carpet, lighting and backdrop. The cups had Jersey Shore trivia, quotes from the cast and the reality stars’ photos. “It was hilarious!” admits Jill.

Appies and Sweets—Plus Drinks
“After years of practice, we learned that our guests most enjoy heavy appetizers, along with tons of desserts and exciting drinks,” says Jill. She covers a large buffet with an array of sweet treats—from gummy bears to brownies, fruit to cookies, cupcakes to chocolate—and every couple brings an appetizer. There’s also a stocked bar with hard (and soft) stuff. “No one goes home hungry, and everyone leaves on a sugar high,” she says.

Friends sans Tots
Because suburban life often revolves around kids’ activities, schedules, agendas and more, the annual Spector Halloween bash—sans the tots and tweens—is a mainstay for friends and family of the Spectors.

“People start talking about the upcoming party in September, even August,” says Jill. “We all get so excited to be playful, and to scheme about costumes. It’s really a slice of heaven to watch everyone around you enjoy the moment of good friends, great food, hilarious get-ups and more.”

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