Protect Our Daughters

We’re mad and scared that some creep has now tried to abduct two 11-year old girls in our communities. So what are we doing about it?


Are you talking to your daughter? Have you found a great self-defense class? We want to know.

Here are the links to the police reports in Winnetka and Wilmette.


And here’s the advice that Eve, the mother of the Wilmette girl, has for all of our children:

Please, PLEASE have a talk with your children about safety and how to react in these circumstances. Run in the opposite direction from the direction the car is driving. Please have them walk with friends, never alone. Please remind them to scream for help, to run into a busy corner, a known neighbor’s house, never to run into a quiet area or alley. The minute someone stops and tells them to get into a car, they should run wildly in the opposite direction.

I have a new cause, a new mission and if this man is found….well, you know how I will react. The police have been wonderful, caring and very concerned. Nice to know that. I have the highest praise for them.

Please pass this along to everyone you know. Please tell everyone you know and please, above all, speak with your children about safety.

Love to you all, Eve.

Winnetka police also warn about suspicous person on the bike

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