Investor Tips from Susan B. Noyes on CNBC’s “Closing Bell”

Susan B. Noyes, Founder of Make It Better Media and the Tech Mamma Lounge, was a guest on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” on Friday, Feb. 27 and explained that she remains bullish on and strongly invested in tech stocks. Computers, mobile devices and the leading companies that interface with them have simply become too ingrained in our daily lives to become less valuable in the long run.

“I actually have doubled down on several of [the tech stocks]—including Apple and Netflix,” Noyes told “Closing Bell” hosts Kelly Evans and Bob Pisani during the Retail Investor Roundtable. “The only one I am not too excited about is Amazon because they still aren’t actually making money.”

On Feb. 27, the Nasdaq was flirting with 5,000 points—a level it hasn’t reached since just before the tech bubble burst in 2000. Some investors have been worried about history repeating itself as the Nasdaq climbs toward all-time highs. When asked if she is scared off by the rise in the Nasdaq, Noyes replied with an emphatic “no.”

“I think that when it happened before, technology wasn’t as embedded into our culture,” Noyes says. “Nobody had a cell phone, [and people weren’t] ordering everything on the cell phone. Now, it’s a way of life—that’s not going to change.” Evans agreed.

Noyes recommended the following stocks from her own portfolio to “Closing Bell” viewers:

Noyes’ common sense approach to stock-picking is one that is shared by legendary investors like Warren Buffet. And, it is an investment style that comes naturally to many women—and can often yield higher overall returns over the long term.

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