Healthy Obsession: Golf

You don’t have to be a pro-golfer to excel on the course. Skokie Country Club golf instructor Kim Grahn explains why you should give golf a swing.


What’s your favorite thing about golf?
Golf knows no age. You can play with your husband, your child and your parent at the same time. Play with another couple late in the afternoon and then go directly to dinner afterward. Gather a few girlfriends to get some exercise and share a few laughs.
As you improve, you’ll realize that golf is about more than just “getting the little ball into the hole.” It’s about strategy and thinking of the next move. It’s a game that’s challenging, regardless of skill level.

Getting started
A great way to learn anything is one-on-one. However, private instruction isn’t for everyone and it costs more. A beginner group clinic is a less expensive way to learn with a group of friends.

How do you up the intensity?
Golf has always been thought of as a “lazy” game, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of taking a golf cart, take a pull cart or carry your own bag. If you play 18 holes of golf, you’ll walk more than 5 miles.

Is golf a summer-only sport?
You can absolutely train year round. There are places that have heated outdoor hitting bays, as well as many places that offer indoor instruction. It’s a great way to learn, because you focus on the mechanics of the swing rather than the result of the shot.

Favorite tips?
Don’t just grab your husband or father’s old clubs. These tend to be longer and heavier than women’s clubs and make it harder for a beginning golfer to control. The average woman needs a shorter, more flexible club.

Advice for a rookie?
Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. Golf is a sport that takes time and patience to learn.

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