If You’re Not Following These 16 Instagram Accounts, You’re Missing Out

16 Accounts You Should Be Following on Instagram

According to TechCrunch, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. That is a lot of cute dogs and baby pictures to sort through. But have no fear! Below we have compiled a list of some of the best Instagram accounts to follow. Organized into seven categories, you’ll be sure to find a profile that speaks to you.



I’ve followed @somethingnavy for a little over a year now, and I’ve loved every second of her content. Ranging from fashion to fitness and, above all, family, Arielle Noa Charnas never fails to remind everyone that a stylish, hard-working, power woman can still balance laughter, love, and motherhood. Plus, she gave birth to her second daughter, Esme, just last month, so follow now for very cute baby photos!


@thepinkdiary has the most attractive aesthetic of any Instagram feed I’ve seen. From what to wear to what books to carry, Sharon posts gorgeously curated travel, lifestyle, beauty, food, and style content. Her chic recommendations, showcased using beautiful original photography, have made her a certified Instagram guru in my book.


Talk about another power mama — Naomi Davis is raising five little New Yorkers in the heart of the concrete jungle. Yet, gracefully, she seems to balance it all. Never taking even a New York minute for granted, @taza is often seen playing and spending time with her adorable and stylish children. Her feed is bright with color, fashion, fun, and family.


A hometown hero! Katy Accurso is a tech consultant and fashion and lifestyle blogger based out of sweet home Chicago. If I could steal her entire wardrobe, I most definitely would. Her outfits are the perfect inspiring balance between fashion, professionalism, and play. She embodies grace and bad-ass womanhood in every post. If you can’t get enough of Katy on Instagram, check out her blog, Out & About, for longer and more personal writing.

Fitness/Body Positivity


Creator of Bikini Body Guide and Bikini Body Guide Stronger fitness programs, Kayla Itsines is a strong woman inside and out. Her 28-minute home workouts can be followed from her app, Sweat With Kayla, and truly tailor to the schedules of everyday people. But, what I really like about Kayla is not the awesome booty that she’s helping me get, but her overwhelming positivity and emphasis on self-care and change of attitude. Kayla inspires the belief that fitness is not about appearance, but instead about how you feel about yourself.


Wow, it is hard to scroll through @bodyposipanda and not smile. Megan Jayne Crabbe is a best-selling author and an eating-disorder survivor. Her feed is filled with life, happiness, and personal acceptance. Truly an inspiration, Megan never fails to post raw, unedited content of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Her honesty about the human struggle for acceptance is refreshing and her positivity is contagious. Plus, she has a very cute purple/pink, brightly colored feed.



Warning: Do not look at this page if you’re hungry — you might eat your phone. Showcasing only the most delicious bites in colorful, high-resolution photographs, @foodintheair is THE food Insta to follow. Seriously. Taking photograph submissions from foodies all over the world (I would be lying if I said I never submitted a photo myself), @foodintheair is truly bringing the world together through beautifully photographed food hoisted into the air. If you’re thinking about submitting, be careful not to drop you food!


@buzzfeedtasty epitomizes an Instagram cookbook. Using short, professionally filmed videos, BuzzFeed Tasty introduces followers to fun, easy recipes. Follow if you want to try something new, or just stare at the delicious finished product. Either way, your stomach will definitely grumble. To appease the 20.1 million people that already follow the account, @buzzfeedtasty posts recipes ranging from dessert and dinner entrees to kids’ snacks and fun cocktails, so there’s truly something for everyone!



A post shared by Betches (@betches) on

If you’re not already following @betches, drop everything and do so right now. With the perfect mixture of bitterness, satire, and truth, I ugly snort-laugh at work reading their content. Perfect for staying up-to-date on all your celebrity, “Bachelorette,” and pop-culture news, @betches tells it like it is through jokes that will make you laugh, cry, or probably both at the same time.


This account is a digital conglomerate of the best one-liner cartoons The New Yorker has to offer. Smart, witty, and satirical, these short little drawings never fail to inspire reflection on the current state of the world and often serve as a great reminder to laugh at our own ridiculousness.

Female Empowerment


A post shared by rupi kaur (@rupikaur_) on

Author and illustrator of “Milk and Honey,” a book of poems on the New York Times best-seller list for more than 77 weeks, as well as “The Sun and Her Flowers,” Rupi Kaur is a modern-day icon. Her writings explore a variety of themes including loss, assault, trauma, heartbreak, healing, family, femininity, migration, and revolution. Raw and vulnerable, Rupi’s introspective and inspiring writing sparks important conversations about strength and what it means to survive as a woman.


This amazing account emphasizes the hashtag #coolgirlsread and I am ALL for that. Showcasing diverse, powerful book recommendations from groundbreaking authors, @girlsatlibrary focuses on strong female influences in literature. In the Insta-bio, @girlsatlibrary asks readers to “take an intimate look at how story has shaped their lives through personal experiences with literature.” Follow for inspiration, great books, and bad-ass women! Also check out their online journal for a community of remarkable women who strongly believe that reading can change the world.



Have you ever thought about selling everything and traveling the world? Now think about doing that with three adorable children in tow. @thebucketlistfamily is a family on the move, constantly exploring and educating their children through experiences and travel. Follow this family on their globetrotting adventures via their gorgeous and playful photos.


@travelandleisure showcases the most beautiful wide-landscape scenery across the world. Follow to remind yourself daily how beautiful our planet is and how lucky we are to be able to enjoy it. Guaranteed to add some stunning color to your scrolling, this feed will surely inspire your next dream vacation and will push you to think about life beyond your own 10-mile radius.



Looking for things to do around town this weekend? Check out @chicagobucketlist to inspire your next big Chicago adventure. From rooftop bars and arcades to karaoke and niche Chicago street festivals, this account is packed with the best of Chicago happenings. With daily giveaways and partner promotions, follow for a chance to win prizes like a Chicago pizza party or free concert tickets.


Do you know what is better than great food? Great food that is near you! Follow @chicagofoodauthority as a city guide to the best food in Chicago. This account is completely user-friendly with quick question-response time, food recommendations for every budget, and easy location tags on all photographs that makes the delicious meals easy to find. Make your mouth water and inspire your next yummy night out.

Feature photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.


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