Is Vampire Power Sucking the Money Out of Your Bank Account?

If you’re a fan of “True Blood” or “Twilight,” you can appreciate how sexy vampires are.

But electrical devices sucking up power when you’re not even using them is so not hot—and neither is the hefty electric bill that arrives as a result.

“Vampire power,” also known as “standby power,” is the electrical power used when electronic devices are in the off position—for example, the time display on a microwave.

I recently became a vampire slayer—a vampire power slayer, that is. And you can, too.

I saved 20% on my electric bill and kept that (low) number roughly the same for several months by unplugging things and switching off power strips instead of just turning devices off.

But let me come clean (or should I say, come green?). As one of the youngest members of the Make It Better staff, I live in a rather small apartment in Chicago. All the electrical devices I use are plugged into three main power strips. Yes—it’s awfully simple being young.

Every time I switch off the lights, I also switch off the surge protectors.

And while your home probably has more than two rooms—lucky you!—you can still be energy- and cost-efficient by using power strips, and maybe doing a sweep of one floor’s power strips before bed. Think of it this way: a bigger home means more opportunities to save. Then you can look forward to getting your electric bill/vampire-power-slaying report card, like I do.

It’s our planet—and your bank account—that’s at, um, stake.

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