Will a “Cleanse” Jump Start Your Weight Loss?

Is this the time to try a cleanse?

If you need a jump start on shedding a few pounds, you might be thinking about dramatically restricting your diet. Advocates claim you’ll detox your body and quickly shed pounds. We investigated the hottest cleanses on the market to find out what each entails, before you commit to swearing off the caffeine and carbs.


Blue Print Cleanse
So “in” it was recently featured on Gilt Groupe, this cleanse claims to “gently rid your body of impurities, regain an alkaline balance, and normalize digestion and metabolism.” Choose from 3 different cleanses and detox for 3, 5, or 10 days. During this time you’ll drink 6 100% natural, unpasteurized fruit and vegetable juices with enzymes and spices to give your digestive system a rest.
Cost: Up to $95/a day, plus an added shipping cost of around $20



A cleansing and fat burning system created to remove impurities, keep the body healthy, and support long-term weight loss. Choose between a 9-day or 30-day supply of supplements.
Cost: $130-$174 for a 9-day supply





Master Cleanse
Around since 1946, this cleanse staple is intended to detoxify the body, aid weight loss, eliminate cravings, and end digestive problems. Drink 6-12 glasses of the homemade drink daily.  You can do the cleanse in 3 phases so you’re eased into the process.
Cost: The cost of 9-10 lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water.



Body Health Detox Cleanse
A 7-day system designed to detoxify the body so you feel healthy and more energetic, lose weight, and cleanse yourself of environmental toxins, which can lead to illness. During the cleanse, you eat only organic fruits and vegetables along with 4 types of vitamins and mineral sprays and pills.
Cost: $246 for a 7-day cleanse

Cleanse Pros: Many people who cleanse say they feel the benefits immediately and that it jump-starts weight loss. Post cleanse, users note increased energy, feel lighter, and experience more regularity.

Cleanse Cons: Lack of research and the expensive cost can be a turn-off. During the cleanse, some people are tired, hungry, and some even complain of body odor. Post cleanse, some users complain of G.I. problems.

Chicago registered dietician, Sarah Ahto, explains, “Most people have a misunderstanding that our intestines are like clogged pipes.  There is no build up of toxins in our intestines and therefore there is no reason to cleanse the body to “get rid of toxins.”  The body is constantly moving everything along daily.”

Unlike food or over-the-counter medications, cleanses are not FDA regulated. You may want to consult with a doctor, particularly if you are taking medications.

If you do decide to try cleansing, make sure you’re near a bathroom, as you’ll be flushing everything from your body constantly. Also make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water.

While cleanses work for some people, others feel they may just be better off doing it the old-fashioned way and hitting the gym. ‘Cause who really wants to give up that Dairy Queen cone?

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