Light Up Your Legs This Spring

The treatment of spider and varicose veins by the injection of sclerosants (sclerotherapy) is not a new development the treatment of vein disease.


The modern beginnings of sclerotherapy date back to the invention of the syringe (1831) and the hypodermic needle (1845) but some of the ancient sclerotherapists were reporting their results as early as 1665.  Today, new modern devices that use light allows physicians to visualize important veins to target precise areas of treatment.

The VeinViewer uses infra-red technology to detect blood vessels as being “hot” and projects the “hot” image or blood vessels as black onto a screen with a green background for the doctor to see.

The VeinViewer is perfect visualizing veins deep beneath the skin that can’t be seen with the naked eye.  At the Midwest Vein Center in Glenview, the VeinViewer allows Dr. Murray J. Propes uses the VeinViewer to treat suface spider veins and the deeper veins that are feeing those spiders.

The cosmetic results are improved and our patients leave with healthy looking, beautiful legs.

Midwest Vein Center
2601 Compass Rd # 110

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