Move Over Apple Watch: 7 Stylish Wearables to Buy Now!

The Apple Watch isn’t the only wearable technology making headlines. Designers like Rebecca Minkoff are getting into the wearables game by creating high-tech accessories that blend right into your wardrobe. The wearables below have not only dominated the tech industry in their recent launches, they have added an entirely new category to the fashion industry as we know it.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Smart Jewelry 



A gold chain-link notification bracelet and a studded lightning cable bracelet for the iPhone by designer Rebecca Minkoff hardly look like technology at all. The notification bracelet pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and buzzes when you receive calls or texts from specific users that are categorized as “VIPs.” The cable bracelet transforms into an iPhone-compatible USB to charge your phone when the battery is low., $60-120

Tory Burch Fitbit-Encasing Jewelry 


Designer Tory Burch has created pretty casings for Fitbit, the uber-popular activity-tracking device. Burch has released a variety of designs, including printed silicone bands, brass bracelets and necklace pendants. The accessories aim to incorporate the Fitbit as a fashion accessory, disguising it as a piece of high-end jewelry, rather than a noticeable fitness tracker., $38-195

Netatmo June 


The stone in this leather bracelet is actually a UV sensor. Connect with your smartphone and provide information about your complexion and hair and eye colors, and it will tell you how much sunscreen to apply., $100

Guardian Angel 


Press the button on this sleek silver pendant to trigger a fake call to your cell phone or alert a friend that you’re in an uncomfortable situation. The creator, JWT Singapore, donates 10 percent of the profits from the device to charities that work to end violence against women., $120



This wearable doubles as a fashionable ring, and is available in a variety of colors in 18-karat gold plating with semi-precious stones. The smart device was created to deal with women missing phone calls and text messages due to their phones being buried in their purses. The Ringly delivers notifications via Bluetooth when you receive calls, texts, emails and other notifications from apps. Additionally, the ring alerts you if you leave your phone somewhere. The user may assign different vibration and light patterns to various notifications, making it easy to differentiate the alerts. The Ringly can run for approximately three days on full charge, and to recharge it, simply put the ring back in the box. $195



The high-tech bracelet vibrates when the connected iPhone receives important phone calls, text messages and calendar alerts, which can be set to different vibrations for specific callers and events. MEMI holds a charge for approximately five days, depending on usage, and is compatible with iPhone 4S and up., $150

Withings Swiss Watch


 At first glance, this looks like a regular watch, but it does much more than tell time. It also tracks daily steps, sleep, vibrates to wake up users and syncs with your smartphone. The watch has no buttons, and everything is adjusted through the Withings Health app on the iPhone. Users can also set alarms to the watch via the app, making it look like a classic watch with a modern twist. The watch has a clean-cut design, with a battery that lasts up to eight months.,$450


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