Peach Saved by the Storm

Peach Carr could have been blown away by this week’s challenge on Project Runway. But instead, she held on to her hat, and (spoiler alert!) onto another week in the running for the show’s top prize.


Philip Treacy, storied milliner to stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga, asked the designers to create a look that would work with hats from his personal collection. “We couldn’t touch the hats, or even see them with our looks until our models were walking down the runway,” explains Lake Forest’s Carr.

The night began with some serious positioning when the show’s host, Heidi Klum, allowed the contestants to choose the hat they’d like to design. But with the hat came the possibility of a new model.

“It’s no secret that my model has been difficult to work with,” says Carr. “But strategically, I know how to make a dress for her—I know how to fit her perfectly. And to be honest, I didn’t want to upset the mojo in the workroom. The target on my back is big enough.” So Carr stuck with her girl Ify.

The black and white swirly hat by Treacy inspired Carr to think of a storm. “The hat was like a tornado. And the silk brocade fabric I chose with the paisley swirls, replicated the circular movement of the hat,” explains Carr. “I was so relieved to hear from Tim that Philip understood my concept—and loved it. My model had told me off camera that this was Treacy’s favorite hat. I worked so hard not to blaspheme his art.”

But Carr’s promotion into next week—along with her roommate April Johnston whom she calls “seriously talented”—wasn’t the best part. Or was it the designers’ shock that Michael Costello’s last-minute evening gown wow’d the judges enough to win the evening’s challenge immunity for next week. It’s those one-liners that leave Gunn speechless. Her best quip to date happened in the workroom during Gunn’s critique of last night’s look. “The skirt will be short. But not so short that she’ll be showing the good China.”

The good bye to Kristin Simms and her underthought dress was slightly overshadowed by the tease of next week’s team challenge. “It gets ugly,” promises Carr.

Be sure to check back next Friday for more from Carr. And if you have a question you’d like her to answer, email

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