5 High-Tech Gifts That Show Your Pet Some Love

What if we told you there was an easy way to take your relationship to the next level with a device that grants you 24-hour access to your loved one? We’re talking about your pet, of course. These three critter-inspired inventions let you stay connected with your favorite cuddle buddies via smartphone, or just keeps them entertained. The best part? They’ll love you even more for it.

1. Petcube


For some of us, being separated from our pets opens up a whole new closet of anxieties. Enter the Petcube camera, an interactive device that allows you to see, talk and play with your pet from your smartphone. No more sleepless travel nights worrying about what little Sprinkles is up to. Pets respond to a built-in laser that you control with your phone’s touch screen; now you can keep them entertained even when you’re thousands of miles away. $179.

2. Poof

Pet Poof

Is your little buddy eating too many Scooby snacks? Get valuable insight into your pet’s health and wellness with the Pea or the Bean by Poof, two ultra-lightweight trackers that monitor calorie intake, sleep cycle and exercise. All proceeds go to GreaterGood.org, a national organization focused on improving the health and wellbeing of people, pets and the planet. $40–$50.

3. Scollar


In a world where everything is getting a technology upgrade, it was only a matter of time before the smart collar was invented. Thanks to Scollar, a San Francisco–based tech company and creator of the first GPS and Bluetooth tracking cat collar, you can keep tabs on your feline or canine friend. An added touch screen on the collar helps you keep track of feeding with just a push of the finger. $119-$149.

4. Furbo Dog Camera, $249

Dog Products: Furbo Dog Camera

If you have a need to check in with your dog while you are away, the Furbo Dog Camera comes highly recommended and has some fun features, like 2-way audio and the ability to dispense treats.

5. iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher Dog Toy, $199.99

Dog Products: iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher Dog Toy

If you have a dog that wants to play fetch for hours, this ball launcher by iFetch might just be a lifesaver for your arm. If you have kids, we bet they’ll love it too (win-win!).

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