Sexy Summer Makeover #1: Stacy

“Besides the fact that my hair is becoming heavy, getting my  hairdo updated would be a symbolic new start to my life! You see, I am a physician who went through 2 years of residency in a General Surgery program. At the end of my 2 years (mid 2008), my contract was not renewed.

At the same time, my father suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Awash in grief, and without income, I needed to take time of. So I came back to the North Shore to live with my mother and younger brother (I am a NT alum ’97).

I took my permanent medical licensing exam, only to fail it by 1 point. I was so devastated and frustrated that I decided I was OK not seeing another patient for the rest of my life. I had officially given up on anything relating to the medical field. That was 2008.

About a month ago, a close friend of mine lost her sibling to suicide. In an attempt to help understand her grief better, I walked to Winnetka’s Book Stall and found a book (coincidentally written by a Winnetka couple) about grief.

It helped me so much that upon finishing the book, I started resubmitting my application to take my licensing exam again. I plan to retake the exam later this summer and return to medicine.

Eventually I will need a mentor, etc., but in the mean time, I want to shed my wild, long, full hair for something that looks more, um, professional 🙂 My last real haircut was back in May of 2008 before my life fell apart, so it’s really long.

I’m planning on donating 12 inches of my hair to Locks of Love. For whoever cuts my hair, I promise to tell my colleagues and future patients where I got it cut, as I strongly believe in supporting local communities.”

Stacy’s reaction:

“I absolutely love my hair! Thanks so much for the opportunity! The work David and Rachael performed was nothing short of exquisite. After my appointment, I sent 14 inches of hair to Locks of Love. I love my highlights because they give so much depth to my hair, not to mention bringing out my eye color!

I feel as though the outside of me and the inside of me are becoming more congruent. My haircut is like me—radiant, flirty, and versatile. The makeover really made one thing clear: I really feel now that everything is coming together for me. Many thanks!”

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