Shop Your Cause

With fall officially beginning this week, what better time to start thinking about what to wear this season … or better yet, what not to wear?

On Oct. 1, The Lake Forest Shop will kick off its 10-day Shop Your Cause event with a “What Not to Wear” Fashion Show. Local ladies will model the season’s best, along with some of the season’s worst! The show will begin at 5:30 p.m. at The Lake Forest Shop and includes refreshments, goodie bags and more.

“I’m hoping we’ll have the best turnout we’ve ever had for Shop Your Cause,” says Ellen Stirling, owner of The Lake Forest Shop. “This is a really nice way to celebrate our community.”



Shop Your Cause is a 10-day event in which 10 percent of the store’s sales are donated to 9 local not-for-profits. Several other local businesses have joined this year’s cause, including:

  • Helanders Kiddles
  • Chiefs
  • The Grille on Laurel
  • Gerhard’s Bakery
  • Organic Wellness Cafe

This year’s not-for-profits are:

  • Deerpath
  • Art League
  • Lake Forest Symphony
  • Elawa Farm
  • Lake Forest Hospital
  • Stirling Hall
  • Ragdale Foundation
  • Lake Forest Preservation Foundation
  • Friends of Gorton/Gorton Community Center

Visit The Lake Forest Shop’s Web site for a complete schedule of events.

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