The Pits for Peach?

Amish cocktail dress? Stepford wife? Animal climbing down the dress’ back. Did the Project Runway judges make cobbler of North Shore’s Peach?


Not quite. But close.

“It was a cacophony of bad fabric choices from the beginning,” says Lake Forest’s Peach Carr, who’s competing for the top spot on the Emmy-award nominated show, Project Runway. This week’s challenge was to create a look, from start to finish, that epitomized Marie Claire Magazine’s brand on an NYC billboard. Carr was in the bottom three.

“You know I love polka dots. I saw this pink polka dot material about 10 feet in the air,” Carr explains, having had a bolt of material fall on her head. “It wasn’t until it was being cut that I touched it and realized it wasn’t cotton. It was a crazy material that should never have been used to make a dress. A Barbie sofa maybe, but not a dress.”

With time working against her, Carr created three looks before finally settling on the dress she sent down the runway. “I wasn’t at all happy with my final dress, but I couldn’t send that beautiful girl down the runway naked. It’s like I told the judges, she was covered—nothing more.”

But seeing the promise in Carr’s ability to impeccably tailor a garment, the judges granted Carr a reprieve for another week. “Mama’s still in the house,” cheered the designers as Carr was welcomed into the holding room with hugs and applause from the other contestants. “That was one of my most favorite moments from my whole experience on the show—almost as good as the one from next week.”

Be sure to check back next Friday for more from Carr. And if you have a question you’d like Carr to answer, email

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