Valentine’s Day Idea: Homemade and Heartfelt

It’s a challenge to give your Valentine an original gift. This year surprise your honey with something personal and homemade.

It’ll be meaningful, yet cost you less than $20.



Frame of 14
Type or handwrite 14 detailed reasons why you love your loved one. A decorative font or lovely piece of paper will add something extra.  Showcase your romantic words in a beautiful frame.






Message Box
For this gift, find a pretty box that is about half the size of a shoebox. Try a scrapbooking store. Some boxes have space for a photograph, which is a nice touch. Next, write down the things you love about your significant other such as “you have the greatest laugh” or “I love when you make me coffee in the morning.” Type or write each of these messages on a small piece of paper, fold the messages in halves, and place in the box. Advise your loved one to open a message each day or read one for a pick-me-up.


The Story of Us
Find a large album and hit up your favorite craft store for scrapbook stickers and charms. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in scrapbooking, this is all about using your creativity. Use pictures and words to make a collage that tells the story of how you met. You can include a page that showcases a vacation or a page that depicts your favorite things to do together. This keepsake is all about the memories you have created together.


Clever Coupons
Construction paper and a bit of creativity are all you need for this gift. Brainstorm favors such as a half hour massage, a favorite cooked meal, or something racier, and create your own coupons. Punch a hole in the corner and tie the coupons together with a red string.



Fortune Cookie
Think of something you hope for your relationship or a wish for your loved one. Place the fortune in a silver fortune cookie and purchase a Chinese take-out box at The Container Store or better yet, see if you can snag one from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Place the silver cookie in the box with red and pink tissue.



Sinful Dessert
Homemade ice cream, heart shaped cookies or decadent truffles will make a welcome and surprising end to a meal.

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