What Stylish Men Will Be Wearing This Spring

Bid farewell to the perhaps overwrought, overthought men’s styles of springs past: For 2015, the look is confident, casual—and sexy. Shoulders are softer; jackets are unlined for ease of movement. Colors are subdued—gentle khakis and beiges—with bold florals to keep the look bright and current. The spring vibe overall is “a little more approachable,” says Paul Kelly, regional manager at Paul Stuart, the upscale men’s retailer.

What does “approachable” look like? Try upscale sweatpants, rolled khakis and blue suede safari jackets, to start. Here’s a primer on 10 hot spring trends, plus tamer translations for sartorial conservatives.

Trend: Refined Casual


Pair a tailored linen blazer in a classic color with kicky paisley shorts.

Tamer Translation: If paisley’s a little too trippy, flat-front khaki shorts will do the job. James Blazer, $895, J. McLaughlin; Dean Linen Short in Downton, $155, J. McLaughlin









Trend: Prep Lite


Nothing says preppy like khakis, especially rolled to expose a little ankle.

Tamer Translation: These J. McLaughlin khakis go both ways—keep them at a traditional one cuff, or roll them up for a sportier look. Walt Cotton Pant, $175, J. McLaughlin 









Trend: Spiffy Sportswear


A refined take—nicer fabrics, a more tailored cut—on sports gear is a hallmark of men’s spring fashions.

Tamer Translation: None needed. Even the most fashion-shy guy can wear a baseball jacket. Pennant Cotton Jacket, $195, J. McLaughlin









Trend: Upscale Sweats


Slouchy, elegant sweats were all over the spring runway; the fresh look is with a lightly tucked shirt and upscale tee and jacket (never with a matching sweat jacket).

Tamer Translation: If you think sweats belong in a gym, downscale with the rolled-cuff khakis instead. Downtime Sweat Pant, $155, J. McLaughlin









Trend: A Touch of Silk


Try a slender scarf draped, not knotted, around your collar (not against the skin) and tucked inside a jacket.

Tamer Translation: Do a beautiful silk pocket square that complements, but does not exactly match, your shirt and tie. Scarf, $287, Paul Stuart









Trend: Blues


Brighter shades of blue look fresh this spring, and luxurious when done up in suede, as is this updated safari jacket.

Tamer Translation: A cobalt-blue shirt or tie goes bluesy without going overboard. Blue mandarin-collar suede jacket, $1,187, Paul Stuart 









Trend: British Accents


The “dandy” look lives on in British suit details such as peak lapels, ticket pockets, slightly shorter sleeves and an all-around slimmer body.

Tamer Translation: Aim for just one Anglo detail, such as the peak lapels. Suit, $1,484, Paul Stuart









Trend: Bold Patterns


From wide stripes to florals, patterns this spring are anything but subtle. Hawaiian-print shirts add a retro feel—another spring trend—to the mix.

Tamer Translation: Try subtle floral tie or even socks; if you’re in a luau mood, a Hawaiian-styled shirt in a muted color does the trick. Elba shirt, $55, Macy’s; Pants, $70, Macy’s









Trend: Neutrals


Earth tones—beige, camel and especially khaki—make the best backdrop for the sporty lively patterns.

Tamer Translation: Rather than head-to-toe camel, invest in a khaki raincoat or camel jacket. Bar III jacket, $400, Macy’s; Pants, $150, Macy’s









Trend: Retro Touches


Bomber jackets, pleated trousers and even the above-mentioned Hawaiian shirt show a slight nostalgia for yesteryear. It’s all modernized, of course.

Tamer Translation: No need to wear a pleats, a bomber and Hawaiian shirt altogether; just one will signal a spring sense of style. Alfani jacket, $129, Macy’s; T-shirt, $25, Macy’s; Pants, $30, Macy’s








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