Donate to Fuel the Fight Against Cancer, and Your Gift Will Be Matched

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The Covid-19 pandemic forced the American Red Cross to make its biennial Tiffany Circle Summit – a gathering of women leaders committed to the Red Cross’ mission – a virtual event. Ultimately, the virtual format will allow more women to attend and learn about the Red Cross’ mission. 

At this year’s Summit on Oct. 6-7, the Tiffany Circle will turn compassion into action to help those fighting cancer. By raising a collective $600,000, the Tiffany Circle will purchase 10 specialized collection Amicus machines to advance this vital work.

We know blood saves lives. Blood products like platelets also are vital for many people fighting cancer. In fact, every 30 seconds, a U.S. cancer patient needs a platelet donation. 

Though effective, chemo and radiation therapies take a steep physical toll and often damage or destroy platelets — tiny cells that are critical to strengthening cancer patients so they can continue treatments — and only donated platelets can replace those that are lost. 

New cancer cases are expected to increase more than 36 percent by 2040, spurring an increased demand for platelets. As the nation’s largest platelet provider, the American Red Cross is dedicated to meeting the needs of cancer patients who need platelets, today and for decades to come. 

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We hope this will inspire you to donate to the Red Cross, where your impactful gift will be matched up to $60,000. Thank you to Nick and Susan Noyes, our generous matching donors, who made this possible.

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