Join the ‘Murmuration of Hope’ Meeting the Needs of Chicago-Area Children, Youth and Families: Donate Today to Double Your Impact

Kenilworth Union Church

Flocks of starlings fly in intricately coordinated patterns, creating exquisite shifts in movement called “murmuration.” As the birds return this spring season, Kenilworth Union Church is coordinating with friends and neighbors to create its own “Murmuration of Hope” in the wider Chicago area.

Kenilworth Union Church is committed to supporting not-for-profit organizations that focus on children and education, emergency services, physical and mental health, and a range of community services. Through the church’s outreach program, members and friends come together to contribute time and resources to more than 40 social service and educational organizations in the Chicago metropolitan area.

With help from Kenilworth Union and others, agencies like Sarah’s Circle can serve women in Chicago, finding permanent homes for over 100 and providing trauma-based support for more. The Josselyn Center can provide high-quality mental health care to low-income people, giving resources to individuals when they are most vulnerable. Bottom Line Chicago can support over a thousand high school students from marginalized neighborhoods and guide them all the way through college. 

These are just a few examples of how the church’s Outreach Fund has made a positive impact in Chicagoland. In the last 10 years, the fund has donated $4.3 million in grants to vetted agencies which have year-round relationships with the church. Each grant is the result of hundreds of smaller, thoughtful gifts. 

We recognize that the need for services is as great as ever and are committed to supporting agencies that have proven both their ingenuity and necessity to the larger community. We invite you to join our “Murmuration of Hope” to increase our collective ability to support the needs of children, youth and families by donating today.

Donate to the Outreach Fund. Better Media is generously matching up to $10,000 in donations, so the impact of your gift can be doubled if you give here and now. 

As we join together, let us create an uplifting murmuration of hope, moving in a synchronized wave to create something significant and transformative. 

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