5th Annual Philanthropy Awards: New Moms

5th Annual Philanthropy Awards: New Moms

Since 1983, New Moms has provided unconditional and meaningful support to young moms who “want to find a safe place to live, get a quality job, and give their children a brighter future — even if they have no idea of where to start.” Nearly 70 percent of these young moms are victims of sexual or domestic abuse, and many are homeless.

New Moms offers an array of transformative programs, such as housing and supportive services for 40 homeless families, education re-enrollment and job skills training, prenatal support groups and parent support and education. At the core of New Moms is its commitment to help young mothers “foster positive family relationships, while supporting transformation in the areas of education, health, employment and housing.”

President and CEO Laura Zumdahl, along with 28 other employees, helped 82 pregnant and parenting adolescents and their 89 children in 2016, providing both doula and parenting services.

After the initial assistance participants receive, the organization continues to provide doula services, parent support groups and family engagement activities, remaining a strong support in participants’ lives.

New Moms recently acquired Parenthesis Family Services, a similar organization in Oak Park, which has an extensive donor network in its own right. Parenthesis is now “a program of New Moms,” making 2017 one of the most exciting years in the organization’s history.

New Moms By the Numbers: 

  • A $5 contribution would provide one family meal
  • 40 homeless families served by the center’s housing
  • 82 pregnant and parenting adolescents helped by New Moms’ support services in 2016
  • 89 children helped in 2016 by the center’s parenting services

Award Sponsor: Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan in honor of pathways.org

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