A Vote for Community, Social Entrepreneurship, Style and Trust

Most politicians, consultants and commentators claim that the world is changing too fast to predict what will be successful in the future. We disagree.

Make It Better.net is built on our belief that community, social entrepreneurship and trust will be important components of 21st century success—
particularly in our well-educated, affluent northern suburbs.

What is social entrepreneurship? The use of entrepreneurial principles to 
organize, create and manage a venture to make social change.

Greg Mortenson, who wrote “Three Cups Of Tea,” about his experience building schools to improve life in remote Afghanistan, is a social entrepreneur.

So were the individuals who saw need and found resources by founding the Chicago Food Depository and PADS in Lake County.

Also, Mike Koldyke (pictured above) and his Golden Apple Foundation has been a phenomenal change agent to improve education.

Better yet, these organizations improve lives while reducing demand on governments’ strained safety net.

More and more, social entrepreneurship 
is part of the most successful businesses too. Think Starbucks, Whole Foods, and the continuing success of high-end, green real estate.

Locally, James Martin & Associates Landscaping and Hester Painting & Decorating proudly promote their giving-back efforts.
Community—a sense of connection and shared interest—is often at the heart of any successful business or nonprofit success. People naturally yearn for the connection and understanding that comes from belonging to a community. That sense of community is more important than ever. Smart organizations grow around this; when people feel emotionally connected to something, they support it.

Great style has been and always will be in vogue, particularly in the northern suburbs. That will guide 21st century success, too. Even during the worst of the recession, stores offering a stylish 
visitor experience were busy—like Apple, Shirise and Foodstuffs.
Finally, with information exploding online and all around us, becoming a trusted filter will be increasingly valuable.

We hope that you’ve noticed that our magazine and online media fits the criteria for future success, too.

Everything Make It Better.net creates 
or facilitates is intended to help you make life better for yourself and others, while making you feel connected to your 
community. We’re looking forward to growing together with you long into the 21st century.

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