Don Yaeger’s Advice for Greatness

Don Yaeger knows achievement and greatness.

He has fashioned an inspiring career writing and speaking about the athletic greats of his lifetime, including local heroes Walter Payton and Michael Jordan. He has written six New York Times best sellers, including biographies of Tug McGraw and Michael Oher.

Built like a fireplug, with vivid blue eyes, Yaeger inspires others when he speaks. That he is one of the few people on earth to best Michael Jordan one-on-one buys him some street cred too.

Yaeger so inspired Bill and Pam Swales at a corporate event that they sponsored his recent presentations to Evanston Township High School athletic leaders and general population.

His advice can help you and your kid achieve greatness. At a minimum, it will improve your social networking. Here’s his award-winning advice:

Know your Brand

Pick the 5 words by which you would like to be described.  Yaeger’s are, “Storyteller, competitor, integrity, loyalty and reader.”

Review Your Page – Does it Reflect that Brand?

If you or your child has a Facebook page or Twitter account, review it to see if it represents the 5 words.  Watch your other communications to see if they match your aspirational self too.

Follow These Common Characteristics OF the Greatest Sports Heroes

  • Understand the value of association. You will never rise higher than those with whom you surround yourself.
  • Believe. Have faith in a higher power.
  • Enjoy contagious enthusiasm. Be positive and enthusiastic, it rubs off.
  • Use adversity as fuel. Hate to lose, learn from mistakes, and let hard times make you better.
  • Be the ultimate teammate. Great leaders make others better and put others first.
  • Live with integrity. Be your best self when no one is looking; be a good role model when they are.

You can learn more about Yaeger, or order his books, at

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