Help Find a Cure for Breast Cancer—with a Bra Party!

Earlier this year, Northbrook sisters Stacy Simpson and Lynn Van Cleave decided to raise money for breast cancer by throwing themselves a “bra-themed” birthday party with some very unique twists.


The hot pink invitations informed guests that “The Girls are Goin’ from Saggin’ to Braggin’”—and that was just the beginning.

Everything else was either “pink or boob themed,” Simpson says. From the cocktails (pomegranate martinis, which the ladies dubbed “nippletinis”) to the party favors (pink makeup cases and wallets) to the games (pin the nipple on the boob).

The menu consisted of pink foods, including smoked salmon, prosciutto mozzarella roll-ups, raspberry-topped mini cheesecakes, and pink jellybeans.

Entertainment came in the form of self-proclaimed “bra lady” Heide Olson, of Essential Bodywear, in Grayslake. Olson gave guests professional bra fittings and brought plenty of merchandise for those in need of a—ahem—pick me up.

“She is very professional,” Simpson says of Olson. “She gives you stickers that you put on outside of your shirt, and then you really see the difference between your old bra and the new one.”

Simpson says about half of her 50 guests walked away with a new, better-fitting bra—the best way to “lose” 10 pounds without breaking a sweat or skipping dessert!

“We had a ball,” Simpson says. “It was a win-win all the way around.”

At the end of the fun-filled evening, Simpson says she and her sister raised about $1,200, which they donated to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

“It can be hard to raise money for the breast cancer walk,” Simpson says. “So, we specifically indicated that our donation was for someone who was having trouble fundraising.”

Want to throw your own bra-themed party? Check out Olson’s website.

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