How to Support Chicago Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Support Healthcare Workers Chicago Coronavirus

They are the real heroes of the coronavirus pandemic—doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics and other personnel, who are risking their lives and health to save those battling the virus. Cases are climbing everyday in the U.S., and here in Chicago, as everywhere, our health care workers are overworked and facing personal protection equipment shortages. If the virus is not curbed soon, health care workers will be asked to choose who is sick enough to be admitted, who receives ventilators and, essentially, who lives or dies.

In a recent press conference Gov. J.B. Pritzker said, “This is heroes’ work, and all of you have our deepest gratitude for your willingness to serve.” He called on retired nurses and health care workers to consider returning to work, to help meet the demands. And they are answering his call, despite many being in the 65+ age group, which is at a greater risk of suffering from COVID-19.


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How can we help? It is easy to feel helpless at home, but remember by isolating ourselves we are helping stop the spread of the virus. There are many ways we can show our support—here are a few ideas:

Donate to hospital COVID-19 Relief Funds, that will provide support and supplies to workers:

You can also search for a GoFundMe to help local frontline responders here.

Help us send meals to healthcare workers with Bucketlisters:

We’ve joined Chicago Bucketlisters to raise funds to send meals to healthcare workers in Chicago! Donate here.


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Donate masks, gloves and personal protection equipment (PPE):

Maybe you have some of these items in your house, or know a local dentist, beautician or tattoo artist that might have these items to donate. If you have any masks, gloves, goggles or other personal protection equipment, please call ahead to see what can be donated to local hospitals, police stations or fire departments.

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods: Covid-19 Face Mask Project

As an organization dedicated to wellness, that partners with multiple health care organizations throughout Lake County, the Brushwood Center is mobilizing the community to meet the face mask need. If you have basic sewing knowledge, please join their initiative here. With the help of mask-making kits from Brushwood’s Art Supply Exchange, more than 700 masks have already been distributed to hospitals, clinics, and assisted living centers.

Tell Congress to help increase personal protection equipment distribution: sign the petition here.

Anthony Rizzo’s Family Foundation is donating meals to Chicago health care workers. Help his cause here.

Here are some businesses that are helping health care workers, so you can show them some love, too:


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  • Heritage Bicycles is dropping off coffee and food for local essential workers through their Heritage Initiative. Help them “pay it forward” here.
  • Fifty/50 Restaurant Group (Roots Pizza, Homestead on the Roof, Portsmith, West Town Bakery & more) is donating 400 meals to health care workers daily, for no-contact pickup delivery
  • Dyson has developed a ventilator in 10 days and will start production soon. 3M, Tesla, Ford and GE Healthcare are also developing respirators and ventilators.
  • Metra is offering free rides for medical personnel through April 7
  • Baker + Miller is providing food to health care workers and to women’s shelters. Donate here.
  • Starbucks is giving free coffee to front-line workers
  • The City of Chicago and Sittercity are partnering to offer free childcare to health care and essential workers in need
  • Divvy is offering free bike rentals for workers

More ways to support those in need during the COVID-19 crisis:

Support the hospitality industry:

Check out Dining at a Distance to see where you can order take-our or delivery from

This guide lets you search funds you can donate to so you can support restaurants and their employees.

Support local businesses:

Order online, purchase gift cards and see if your local fitness studio is offering classes online. Many owners are finding unique ways to pivot during the shutdown, so make sure you support in any way you can during this important time.

Help the homeless:

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless is supporting local nonprofits through their COVID-19 Response Fund.

Macaire Douglas lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and two sons. She proudly supports Save Abandoned Babies Foundation, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to prevent the illegal abandonment of newborns nationwide. Since its inception in 2000, more than 3,600 newborns have been safely surrendered and adopted into loving homes.



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