Illinois Holocaust Museum Anti-Bullying Workshop

On March 9th, more than 60 5th and 6th grade students from Chicago and its surrounding suburbs participated in an Anti-Bullying workshop entitled STAND UP! Youth Leadership Day at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center.

The workshop included museum tours, group activities, and a presentation by a survivor of the war in Bosnia, Nadja Halibegovich, who led her country towards peace by broadcasting music and poetry over the radio.

The Exelon Corporation wrapped up the workshop on March 11th with a generous grant of $250,000 that will expand the museum’s anti-bullying programs by providing more resources and training for students, teachers, administrators and community organizations.

Additional programs include the Steps to Respect Bullying Prevention Program, which teaches elementary students how to recognize, report and refuse bullying, and week-long intensive Summer Institutes for Educators seminars that provide strategies for teaching anti-bullying methods through lessons on genocide.

Visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum and learn how this generation is fighting genocide, hatred, and bullying while remembering those lost in the Holocaust.

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