Introducing “We Are Wilmette”—Our Most Powerful Virtuous Circle Yet

We like neighborhood dinners, family-owned businesses, being the connector, making an impact. So do you. That’s one of the reasons you like Make It Better. Everything we do is intended to make it easier for you to connect with and support the best of your community. It takes a village to keep the village strong.

When we launched our community website on May 1, 2007—with a mission to be the most trusted, easiest to use community resource that helps you make your life and the lives of others better—we had no idea that it would grow up to be a powerful publishing ecosystem now appropriately called “media,” as in Make It Better Media. But, we’re delighted it did!

Back in 2007, the concept of “social network” as a digital platform didn’t exist, email newsletters were a novelty, ecommerce was just gaining traction through Amazon and eBay, “TV” meant only broadcast networks or cable channels. Now it’s hard to do business or find what you need if you don’t use all of those channels.


We’ve come to understand that Make It Better is particularly powerful when we create virtuous circles that connect you to the businesses and nonprofits you support through these many points of contact. So, we’re particularly proud of the virtuous circle that the newest MIBTV video—“We Are Wilmette”—represents.

The Wilmette Theatre, a nonprofit and local treasure, is using its resources to remind everyone that the Village of Wilmette is full of great family-owned restaurants, retailers and services. The theatre will be showing this video before each of its feature films, too. Make It Better completes the virtuous circle by making it easy for you to find and support these businesses online through our Shop For Good, Better List and other digital points of contact. This is a spectacular win/win/win!

  • Win for the Wilmette Theatre, which earns more love.
  • Win for the participating businesses because they can now be found and supported online by others close at hand and across the country.
  • Win for you because with only a few clicks you learn about, share, purchase from and support the best in your community. You help keep our hometown strong.

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