Kris Slattery, Rotary Club of Highland Park/Highwood

“Everyone has a talent,” says Kris Slattery. Hers is raising money for Rotary’s worthy causes.


Kris Slattery is a fundraiser extraordinaire, often campaigning for multiple service projects at the same time. As a member of the Rotary Club of Highland Park/Highwood, she was instrumental in raising $50,000 for the library’s youth section as well as money, materials and labor to remodel a preschool bathroom. Last year she secured the majority of sponsorships for the club’s annual golf tournament. The event netted $20,000 for youth scholarships, double the previous record.

“Everybody brings something to the table,” she says. “Some people have the ability to volunteer their time. Others can write a check. I can organize an event and fundraise.”

Slattery has been a Rotarian since 1993, first in Alamo, Calif., where she was a community bank branch manager. She joined her current club in 2002 after moving to the North Shore. She is a past president and incoming board member, serves on various committees, and mentors new members and officers. In addition, she’s the senior vice president of First Bank of Highland Park and a single mom to two teenage sons.

From Slattery’s perspective, she gets far more than she gives. Rotary has enhanced her professional and personal development in myriad ways: “Through Rotary, I organized my first charity event, first served on a board of directors, and did my first public speaking,” she says.

One more benefit: On Christmas Eve 2010, she became engaged to marry a fellow Rotarian.

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