Rebecca Berneck

“Big Head” (Founder and Owner), Officeheads, inc.

After entrepreneurs dive head first into their startups, Rebecca Berneck is there to catch them.

Founded in 2008, Rebecca’s company, Officeheads, assists entrepreneurs with day-to-day management operations and big-picture planning.

“The entrepreneurs should be doing what they’re passionate about—not the mechanics,” she says.

Rebecca’s path to founding Officeheads was a road less traveled. The Minnesota native only attended one year of college. She decided it wasn’t for her. She learns by doing.

Rebecca moved to Chicago in 1990, and her career took off at the start-up RNW Consulting, where she was the business manager for 14 years.

“I was lucky to be an entrepreneur with someone else’s money,” she says.

At RNW, she had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies like Sotheby’s and Disney. At Officeheads, Rebecca applies what she learned at RNW to her business and others’ businesses. “I’m growing and in a very good place,” she says.

When she’s not being the “Big Head” at Officeheads, she serves as the Evanston Chamber of Commerce’s Vice President for Marketing/Communications, raises two teenage daughters and races vintage motorcycles. She even set a world land speed record on a 1954 BMW R25/3.

“That’s why I’m the Big Head!” she says. “Life is too short. You have to get everything running smoothly so you have time to go live.”

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