Support Comer Education Campus to Help Secure a Brighter Future for South Side Youth

As 2020 comes to a close, we are reflecting on the meaning of resilience and togetherness. Comer Education Campus remains committed to advancing our mission through new initiatives that combat learning loss, the digital divide and food insecurity. Our community continues to experience disproportionate effects of the pandemic and civil unrest. Yet, we also have witnessed an enduring spirit of hope within young people who recognize that we can make real, positive change together. 

Comer Education Campus fosters the advancement of young people through its unique integration of excellent schools, dynamic enrichment and extended learning opportunities. 

GCYC and GCCP on Friday, July 17th, 2015.

We create innovative nonprofits and forge strategic partnerships with existing organizations boasting strong track records. Then, we bring these organizations together in Greater Grand Crossing. Ultimately, we seek to help young people become well-rounded global citizens who reach their full potential and contribute to their communities. 

Our work is focused on three important areas: academic success, youth development —which includes youth enrichment, health and wellness, and family and community engagement — and career exploration. Together, our work in these areas creates conditions for all young people to thrive. It also advances equity and allows us to serve as a model for place-based youth advancement.

Comer Education Campus exists to strengthen Chicago’s South Side, while also serving as a model and resource for partner organizations and others seeking impact through their investment in young people. 

The more support a community provides for its young people, the more likely they are to grow up to contribute to the collective prosperity of that community, and the healthier the community will become. When our young people and communities thrive, our society thrives. However, many young people face barriers to building the social, emotional and cognitive skills that will allow them to maximize their potential and contribute to their communities now, and as adults. When you donate to Comer Education Campus, you’re providing advancement opportunities for all young people on Chicago’s South Side while helping other organizations and communities learn to do the same.

GCYC on Monday and Tuesday, July 18th and 19th, 2016. Photos by Jasmin Shah

With that said, we must work with young people and our community to address the systems that impact their futures, advance health and education equity, and increase community investment. Our impact would not be possible without the support of individuals like you, who share our commitment to improving equity and supporting community-based learning on Chicago’s South Side.

Can we count on your support on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020? Your gift can ensure that TOGETHER we narrow the equity gap, strengthen community, and redefine what is possible for the next generation of leaders!  

GCYC on Monday and Tuesday, July 18th and 19th, 2016. Photos by Jasmin Shah

We invite you to connect and get involved! Learn more here. Together, we are stronger. Together, we give. Together, we’re redefining possible. #GivingTuesday #comercampus

Sadly Ms. Frances Comer, the wife of the founder, passed away last week.

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