The Night Ministry Provides Housing, Health Care and Human Connection to Chicago’s Most Vulnerable Residents

Nearly 60,000 Chicago residents have no stable place to call home. For these unhoused members of our community, everyday life can be a harrowing challenge, as they struggle to survive under the most extreme circumstances.

For 45 years, The Night Ministry has been a source of hope and support for our neighbors experiencing homelessness and poverty, and a steady companion on their journeys to greater stability. The Chicago-based nonprofit provides housing, health care and human connection to these most vulnerable members of our community, last year helping more than 4,500 young people and adults fulfill their basic needs and build better futures.

Tiara, a client of The Night Ministry, recently told us, “It made me feel better about myself and my circumstances that I do have help and people that want to see me win.”


The Night Ministry
A guest of The Crib in the overnight shelter’s dorm room. Photo courtesy of Othervertical, Inc.

Almost 14,000 young people ages 14-24 are unhoused and on their own in Chicago. For many, The Night Ministry provides a vital first step toward safety and improved circumstances through its Youth Housing Programs. These programs range from an overnight shelter which provides meals and a safe place to sleep, to transitional living programs that allow young people the time to develop life skills while focusing on obtaining educational, vocational and financial goals. Through an innovative partnership with other local nonprofits, The Night Ministry also supports previously unhoused young people who secure their own apartments.

Health Care

The Night Ministry
Nurse Practitioner Carrolle Derradji (right) consults with a patient on the Health Outreach Bus. Photo courtesy of Othervertical, Inc.

A health challenge can be a precipitating factor in an individual or family entering into a period of homelessness. Homelessness itself can exacerbate existing health conditions and create new ones. That is why The Night Ministry’s Health Outreach Program brings free, basic health care directly to patients. Our Health Outreach Bus visits six underserved neighborhoods on a regular schedule, while our Street Medicine Team travels directly to encampments across the city. The Night Ministry’s medical professionals address immediate health concerns, while staff also provide food, clothing and other necessities. In addition, they connect individuals and families to resources such as housing and employment.

Human Connection

The Night Ministry
Program Supervisor Henry Merrill (right) talks with a resident of The Night Ministry’s Interim Housing Program. Photo courtesy of Othervertical, Inc.

At the root of everything The Night Ministry does is human connection. The agency believes that building supportive relationships with those it serves recognizes their dignity, helps to build confidence and can become the foundation for journeys of personal change.

Keke, one young person The Night Ministry has helped, put it this way: “The Night Ministry has always given me a shoulder to cry on or a shoulder to lean on! The Night Ministry always has an open door for ones that need help, and the staff is always there when you need them to be. You can always count on them.”

How You Can Help

Patient treatment onboard the Street Medicine Van. Photo courtesy of Othervertical, Inc.

The Night Ministry invites you to join the agency in its hope-filled work. From volunteering and donating resources like food and clothing, to making a financial gift, your involvement with The Night Ministry’s mission can help save and transform lives. For more information, visit or call (773) 784-9000.

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