The Power of Storytelling: Make It Better Foundation Accelerates Nonprofit Support Through Cash Grants

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”

Dr. Howard Gardner, professor Harvard University

As a media company, we know the value of a good story. It gives us an opportunity to learn from another person’s experience and it can strengthen or challenge our opinions and values. That’s why the Make It Better Foundation (MIBF) fosters powerful storytelling and media collaborations to help nonprofits expand their network of support. 

Through their modern philanthropy practices, MIBF collaborates with a network of well-informed, committed philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and media partners. They identify and amplify the work of outstanding nonprofits through their program offerings, including their newest initiative, cash grants

The cash grants are provided to nonprofits that will leverage media platforms and forge creative alliances to amplify their mission and fundraising efforts. Grant applications are are evaluated by the below criteria:

Collaborative Fundraising:

Generating strategic partnerships, key alliances, social media initiatives, and network leveraging.

Awareness Promotion:

Using storytelling to bring your mission to life and grow your audience.

Through the application process, priority is given to nonprofits which demonstrate relationships with media that will promote their work and fundraising efforts (organizations may engage any media platform and are not expected to work with Make It Media Group brands). $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 cash grant requests are reviewed on a revolving cycle.

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Nonprofits Helped

A few great examples of nonprofits that have worked with MIBF to leverage their message and donations:


Greater Chicago Food Depository:

“The Food Depository had a fundraising goal of $50,000 for this campaign. With your matching gift as a motivator, we exceeded our projected revenue by 339%! Match incentives truly make all the difference. That’s the power of a matching gift challenge, and that’s the power and impact Better’s matching gift had upon our giving! Thank you for your generous commitment to our mission.”

Alzheimer’s Association:

“We could not have accomplished this success without your very generous match and the support of the Better organization. Your charitable leadership shines brightly across so many organizations, and I am deeply grateful for all you have done in helping us advance the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association.”

Dan Hostetler, Above & Beyond Executive Director:

“The unexpected, anonymous donation of $25,000 that Above and Beyond received as a direct result of the Earned Media press coverage from was a wonderful shock to us all! This marked the first time in our existence that we have received such a significant sum from somebody that we didn’t know. It is a testimony to the irresistibly persuasive ask that the Better Organization made on our behalf, and coupled with their powerful reach they have markedly improved the lives of over 100+ homeless and disenfranchised substance abusers! We cannot thank you enough!” 

MIBF offers more than grants. Other programs include:

  • Nonprofit Directory — a regularly updated list of vetted nonprofit organizations
  • Philanthropy Awards — an annual competition to identify, elevate, and amplify the most effective nonprofits making a difference
  • Give Time | Things | Money — clear messaging of both urgent and ongoing opportunities to make a difference
  • Holiday Giving Winter Coat/Blanket Distribution — gifting new, warm, winter outerwear and blankets each holiday season to those who need it
  • Media — coverage about nonprofits and practical networking tools to amplify strategic connections
  • Engage with MIBF — opportunities to collaborate as a Sponsor, Media Partner, Judge, Donor, Nonprofit or Foundation

MIBF Leadership

MIBF is led by several directors, including Executive Director and Treasurer Sharon Krone.

Sharon Krone, Executive Director and Treasurer

Other members include:

  • Susan B. Noyes, Founder
  • Mindy Fauntleroy, Co-Founder and President
  • Sandy Tsuchida, Secretary
  • Leah Bronson, Board Member
  • Kathy Roeser, Board Member and Financial Advisor with the Wealth Management Division of Morgan Stanley 

To learn more about applying for a grant or working with MIBF, visit their website.

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