Why YOU Should Shop For Good This Holiday Season

The holidays are officially upon us with Thanksgiving a week away and Christmas music playing around the clock on the radio. This time of year is all about celebrations, family, being thankful, and generosity toward not only our loved ones but also those in need. This is exactly why you should Shop For Good this holiday season.

Shop For Good is our new online shopping platform started by Make It Better’s founder Susan B. Noyes. What makes it special is that 10 percent of the proceeds benefit a carefully vetted nonprofit AND the products are all from local boutiques and businesses, so you can give back while supporting your community. It’s a win-win!

The program is so exciting because it’s not just about buying gifts, it’s about gifting your community and gifting a charity,” says Donna Bozzo, family fun expert, in our MIBTV video.I mean, there’s so much good in Shop For Good!”

At the heart of Make It Better’s mission is our goal to create content and connections that improve the lives of our readers and our community. Shop For Good allows us to connect our audience back to the local businesses that do so much good in their towns, and partner with those businesses in giving back to worthy causes. It’s all about “being a good neighbor and giving back to the communities that we serve,” explains Deb McMahon of J.McLaughlin in Winnetka.

This month’s beneficiary is Raise the Stage, a campaign to raise money for the Hayes-McCausland Black Box Theatre at New Trier High School, named in memory of Mary Catherine Hayes and Sarah McCausland, promising New Trier students and active members the school’s performing arts program who passed away tragically in June 2013 and January 2014.

“The girls’ legacy will be the Black Box Theatre, a place where generations of future students will be able to express themselves, explore their gifts and envision their futures,” says the website.

In the month of December, our 2015 Philanthropy Awards winners will be the recipients of Shop For Good proceeds. Find out more about the fabulous winners here!

What we’re buying:

Slow Down Love Life-Vintage Nest

SFG_Vintage Nest_Slow Down love Life_Article

Beatrice B. Leather Jacket-Vibrato Boutique


Clara Glove with Fur Cuff– J.McLaughlin


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