Lakeview Pantry

Lakeview Pantry

3945 N. Sheridan Road Chicago, 60613

Please share your mission. 

We strive to eliminate hunger and poverty by giving food, building our clients’ independence through self-help programs, and raising awareness of hunger and poverty and creating solutions to end them.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

All of Lakeview Pantry’s programs are a direct manifestation of our mission to address and end hunger and poverty. We do this, as our mission outlines, in three ways. – “By providing food to fill the basic need of hungry people” The Pantry distributes food to clients six days a week through two distribution sites, each open three days a week, and through a thrice-monthly home delivery program for home-bound clients. Clients may come pick up or receive a delivery once per month for a two-week supply of food. They may also return weekly for an additional allotment of fresh produce and bread. – “By increasing the independence of our clients through self-help initiatives and other innovative programs” Our social services program encompasses a number of activities to address the causes of poverty in our clients’ lives. Walk-in case management is available during food distribution, and provides things like referrals and emergency financial assistance. Clinical mental health counseling is also available. These one-on-one services are augmented by group classes on topics like healthy cooking, job search skills, and other events like voter registration and flu shots. – “By raising awareness of hunger and poverty and working towards solutions to eliminate them” Our advocacy work includes membership in hunger-action coalitions and sharing information with supporters about how we can address hunger issues. Staff have also attended conferences and lobbied at the state level.

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