Chicago Youth Centers

Chicago Youth Centers

218 S. Wabash Ave. Suite 600 Chicago, 60604

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CYC invests in youth in underserved communities to help them discover and realize their full potential.

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In Chicago’s most divested communities, poverty and violence are deeply concentrated and connected, creating a cycle of trauma, desolation, and hopelessness. 41% of the city’s population lives in areas where the rate of poverty is double that of the remainder of Chicago and where the rate of violent crime is 350% higher than the remainder of Chicago. Schools in these communities perform lower than the rest of the city, commute times are longer, and there are fewer cultural institutions. This deep inequity means that Chicago children are particularly vulnerable to the widening academic achievement gap that exists between low-income students and their more affluent peers. However, high-quality after-school programs for youth and teens extend learning, enrichment, and positive character development, so youth have the best possible resources to thrive and excel. CYC removes barriers for our families by offering a sliding scale fee structure, safe transportation for participants, and access to cutting-edge youth development programs—directly in their neighborhoods. CYC ensures that as youth grow, they develop strong character, build employable skills, and discover their unique pathway toward upward mobility.

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