House In The Wood

House In The Wood

1400 W Augusta Blvd. c/o Northwestern Settlement Chicago, 60642

Please share your mission. 

House In The Wood fosters growth and responsibility in its campers, so they may return to their communities as leaders.

Describe how your organization lives/realizes its mission. 

Chicago’s inner-city youth face a multitude of challenges in their lives: unstable public education, community violence, and negative portrayals by mainstream media. Outdoor summer camps empower children to overcome these obstacles. They also provide safe environments where kids can learn and play outdoors – many campers report that their home neighborhoods are too dangerous to play outside during the summer. HITW is committed to improving its services and is taking initiatives for 2018 that will help achieve its mission with even greater success. The Clinical Coordinator of Northwestern Settlement’s Family CARES Center (counseling services) is introducing multiple projects for next summer, including: creating a questionnaire to screen for campers in DCFS care, instituting a “morning advisory” program for each cabin to better build community, adding a social-emotional learning instructional block each day to help with emotion regulation and conflict management, and providing weekly counselor coaching.


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