Short Summer Hairstyles in 5 Steps (Or Less!)

So you took the plunge and cut your hair short for the summer…now what?

Embrace both the versatility and simplicity of short hair with these styles from salons across the Northshore:

Stylist Grace Lapinski at the Teddie Kossof Salon and Spa in Northfield showed me some fun, flirty tips to work with a short, summer do. She recommends a dab of Prejume curling lotion to scrunch into the hair, creating fun, defined spikes or curls. She also showed me a simple, Bohemian-chic trick with a light, summer scarf:



1) If desired, fix the bangs in front to either lie across the forehead or be slicked back

2) Take a light, summer scarf and tie it around the head twice

3) Try tying the scarf on the side for a different look!

Stevie Harrington at the Red Door Salon and Spa in Northbrook created an edgy look using Kerastase’s serum and Elixir Ultime:

1) Begin by creating a side, angled part for some added drama

2) Spray some hairspray at the roots for extra control

3) Tease the roots on the top of the head to create more volume—hold with extra hairspray if needed

4) Add in the Elixir Ultime and serum product to separate the ends for a more textured look and for extra shine!

Chad Atwood at the Trio Salon in Evanston strongly recommended chopping it all off this summer! He emphasized the versatility of short hair and the products that can help lock in style and create texture. He suggested:

1) Flip the head upside down and towel dry hair

2) Scrunch in DevaCurl’s styling cream to create texture and curls with your fingers. Also try their volumizing foam to add depth and drama

3) Continue to scrunch the hair, forming tight curls for a groomed yet sexy look!

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