Summer Trends: Nails Gone Wild

This summer, embrace the latest trends in manicures and pedicures. Here are our favorite looks for fingers and toes, and yes, even moms who are over 4-0 can pull them off.

Get crazy with color
With names like Bikini so Teeny, Off the Shoulder and Mojito Madness, you’ll want to swap out your nail color regularly just to try them all.  And whether it’s molten bronze, sky blue or hot pink, lucky for us the rules have changed regarding age-appropriate nails. No color is too young anymore, and the options are practically unlimited.

According to Essie Weingarten, founder of  the eponymous nail polish line, “If you are feeling nervous, and let’s face it, we all do, a perfect mani/pedi can give you a major confidence boost!”  At the very least, a pretty pastel or a bright pink on your toes will draw attention to those new cute sandals.

Mix things up
If you’ve been paying attention this summer, you’ve no doubt noticed that it’s no longer just about the color of your polish—nails have evolved into an art form. It can be as simple as creating a colorful twist on the traditional French manicure and using bright colors as both the base color and as the tips. Polka dots and intricate designs are also hot. (Our editor has been seen sporting a newsprint design on her nails this summer.) Or, take a hint from the celebs and embrace the new “tuxedo nail” trend using black and white, or any two colors that you like together.

Go magnetic or metallic
Aside from fun embellishments and multi-colored nails, there are also a host of new tools and formulas to give your manicure or pedicure a special gleam. Sally Hansen has a nail polish formula with metallic particles that works with a real magnet built into the lid to create a pattern on the nail. As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron filings in the formula gravitate toward the magnet forming a wavy pattern. Not into waves? Sally Hansen also has a new line of glimmer Gem Crush polish  in a variety of colors. Unlike glitter topcoats that layer uneven specks of glitter, this new formula provides all-over sparkle that according to the company, “brings a major dose of glitz and glamour to your nails.”

Just be natural
Of course there is something to be said for keeping things simple. According to the experts at the natural nail company, Zoya , it’s just as glam to keep things neutral as it is to go with a bold color selection. “The secret to a beautiful neutral nail isn’t about going with a skin-toned hue as much as it’s about finding a shade that coordinates perfectly with the looks you like,” according to Zoya media representative, Erin Giddings. “That may be a soft beige cream like Zoya Avery, a sun-kissed nude like Zoya Minka, a classic soft pink like Zoya Kendal, or a summer red—Zoya America. The secret to neutral is what feels easy and natural on you… that’s what personal style is all about after all!”

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