Back-to-School Fashion for Kids

School’s almost back in session, which means it’s time to start studying up on what’s fashionable for your kids.

With help from some of our favorite North Shore shops, we put together a quick study guide for you.



Fashion Education 


Polka dot jeans, $36, Zara
Pink Chicken printed T-shirt, $40, Lollie
Jacket, $56, Zara
Boots, models own
Jeans, $30, Gap
Wonder Boy shirt, $50, Lollie
Appaman windbreaker, $56, Lollie
Shoes, models own

Nice & Nautical


Sugarlips white tank, $10, Lad & Lassie
Neige mustard cardigan, $78, Lollie
Skirt, $30, Gap
Shoes, models own
Knit hoodies, $40, Zara
Billabong shirt, $50, Lad & Lassie
Woven belt, $15, Gap
Adjustable waist khakis, $30, Gap
Shoes, $25, Gap

Casually Cool 


Quicksilver cargo pants, $42, Lad & Lassie
Nike T-shirt, $18, Lad & Lassie
Denim jacket, $33, Gap
Kai sneakers, $40, Maya Papaya and Tony Macarony
Navy jacket, $37, Gap
Tractor colored jeans, $52, Lad & Lassie
T-shirt, $17, Gap
Bensimon Collection flats, $46, Lollie
Peppercorn Kids necklace, $12, Maya Papaya and Tony Macarony

From Summer to Fall


Plaid dress, $40, Zara
Tea leggings, $19, Maya Papaya and Tony Macarony
Beatrix lunch bag, $34, Maya Papaya and Tony Macarony
Shoes, models own
Lucky Brand shirt, $44, Lad & Lassie
The North Face windbreaker, $85, Lad & Lassie
Beatrix backpack, $54, Maya Papaya and Tony Macarony
Jeans, $30, Gap  


Lead look: Tea denim jeggings, $39, Maya Papaya and Tony Macarony; pink tank top, $33, Lad & Lassie; North Face rain jacket, $55, Lad & Lassie; Harley strawberry gym shoes, $33, Maya Papaya and Tony Macarony.

Hairstyling by Mindy & Anna at Teddie Kossof Salon Spa; photos by Nathaniel Perry

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