Experts from the RealReal Highlight the Best Luxury Consignment Pieces and Share Tips on How to Authenticate Them

Shop smart and make your money go the extra mile with these investment pieces.


Noelle Sciacca, Women’s Editorial Lead at The RealReal

Hermés Kelly Handbag

The Kelly is currently our most searched Hermés handbag, even ahead of the iconic Birkin. Made widely popular when spotted on Grace Kelly in 1977, the bag comes in two slightly different shapes — the original Sellier which is structured and boxy, and the Retourne which is more relaxed. 

Louis Vuitton Monogram Wallets  

Louis Vuitton wallets are a practical luxury item you can use every day. Although the brand’s monogram was first introduced in 1896, resale value for wallets that feature this signature motif is up to $100 since last year (proof that this accessory will never go out of style). 

Burberry Trench Coats

Whether they’re a classic khaki or red vinyl plaid, Burberry trench coats are a wardrobe staple. Despite drastic shifts in the political and economic climates over the last four years, their resale value has remained at a steady high. In addition to some of the brand’s most modern versions of the trench, The RealReal offers a strong selection of Burberry’s vintage styles. 


Aaron McWilliams, Senior Men’s Merchandising Manager at The RealReal

Louis Vuitton Keepall

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall is a classic. No matter the social environment or current trends, this design maintains its spot as the leader of investment pieces for men. 

Moncler Down Jackets

Moncler Down Jackets are the best of the best. They are functional, fashionable, and durable making them a great investment for anyone. 

Loro Piana Sweaters

The timeless style matched with world-class craftsmanship and fabrication make Loro Piana sweaters an easy choice to invest in. It’s also notable that even though timeless, we’ve seen their resale value increase over the past year, especially as people shifted even more into sweaters.

Fine Jewelry and Watches

Patricia Stevens, Category Director of Fine Jewelry and Watches

Cartier Love Collection

Cartier is the Bay Area’s favorite brand. The demand and resale value for the Love Collection has stood the test of time and only continues to increase. In recent months, we’ve sold these pieces at nearly the original price.  

Tiffany T Collection

This American classic is a top seller in the Bay Area. Collections with clean lines and modern design, such as the T collection, resonate particularly well within this market. 

Rolex Datejust

Rolex demand is at an all-time high after years of seeing strong resale values, so it’s never been a better time to invest in one of their timepieces. The Datejust is particularly popular in the Bay Area — it’s an iconic style that’s also very versatile.

Hermés Arceau

We see strong demand for the top luxury brands in the Bay Area, but the styles chosen are more understated versions of what you would find in Los Angeles or New York. This is why the Arceau is particularly popular in this area. In fact, the cleaner lines have started trending nationwide during the pandemic as more minimal designs outpace flashier, statement pieces. 


Kevin Ngo, Handbag Expert & Authenticator

  1. Tags tell tales — they really do! Some manufacturers utilize factory production codes to denote the age of production, factory of origin, collection information or even style names. It is crucial to analyze all tags present on an item, and even its collateral to ensure that the format and information printed or stamped are indeed consistent with the brand’s production. 
  1. Assessing the hardware of any type of product, especially a handbag or garment, can reveal a lot of information. Two things to assess when reviewing an item’s hardware are the quality of the engraving as well as the zippers. A clean engraving should appear hollowed out nicely as if it has been done with a single tool. Heavy stippling, pitting, or crooked carvings should immediately raise a red flag. Believe it or not, zipper manufacturers are highly counterfeited, especially on luxury goods. Whether there is a Riri, Lampo, or YKK zipper on the item, I recommend comparing the shapes of the zipper pull and slider to one that you can search online. 
  1. Fonts and typography are the biggest giveaways on a counterfeit product, however, it takes extremely skilled eyes to make out these discrepancies. Though the font on a brand stamp can look extremely close to its authentic counterpart, it is extremely rare that a counterfeiter will be able to identically mirror what the brand produced. It’s like trying to perfectly forge a signature. When you are assessing the fonts on any item, say a “Made In” stamp, brand stamp, or even the script on fabrication tags, I recommend picking out a single letter rather than the entire word or phrase so that you are able to compare slopes and angles (such as an ‘S’ or a ‘V’).
  1. Trust your senses. Sight, scent and touch are extremely helpful when looking at an item. Counterfeits often possess a very heavy chemical scent, one that is not friendly to the nose. Furthermore, understanding what fabrication or textile the item should be crafted from is extremely important when running your hands along the item. For instance, if a garment states a cashmere blend you should be able to make out the cashmere with your fingers.
  1. My biggest authentication tip is to always take into consideration the “sum of the parts” rather than forming your conclusions off of one discrepancy. Whether an item is artistically hand-produced or mass-produced, there is always room for error and mistake. If one red flag alarms your eyes, find the other red flags. I always think to myself, “Is there more going for the item or against it?”

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