How to Wear This Season’s Hottest Boots

Boot season is in full swing, and if you need some help matching your boot with the perfect pant or skirt length—you’ve come to the right place.

This season there are lots of new prints and silhouettes, which can make it tricky to pair boots with your favorite jean or mini. Here are our tips to make sure you’re always looking au courrant.

Low Boots

Ankle boots are the versatile boot. They are short enough to not bulk up under pants’ material. If you’re feeling on the trendy side, cuff your long jeans a couple of inches.


And if it’s more of a skirt day? Stick with a knee-length skirt and throw some simple, warm tights on with scrunched socks. It will be the perfect sass to go with a sweater! Our pick? Short and sleek, with a thick heel. So try them with jeans, a sheer top, blazer and you have got a fantastic work boot alternative.


Medium Boots

Medium boots are best with a bit of flair, such as a textured or multi-material design, and maxi skirts. The cowboy boot is a classic that will forever have style. Throw on a comfy, loose but not baggy, sweater, and a slitted maxi with a pair of bold statement boots. Add some fringed accessories for even more of a kick, and you’ll have everyone turning their heads.


Tall Boots

Tall boots look best paired with a large coat (this season, trench works best) to accent them. They are the boots to wear over pants, because to hide their neck would be a shame. Our favorite style? Equestrian. Pull a pair of these over jeans, and add a collared blouse. Stick to a classic color scheme with the pants and top, but feel free to add a bit of spunk with the scarf or coat.



For more information on any of the above looks, click the photo to be directed by Polyvore. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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