Lucrezia Buccellati Wildenstein on Timeless Design, Balance and Ushering in the Next Generation of Buccellati 

Lucrezia Buccellati Wildenstein is the fourth generation of her family — and first female — to lead their iconic Italian brand, Buccellati, into the future. Serving as brand ambassador and co-creative director with her father, Andrea Buccellati, Buccellati Wildenstein stepped into the position in 2014. Founded in 1919 by her master goldsmith great-grandfather, Mario, the firm is renowned for exquisite, timeless jewelry with intricate designs and Italian excellence. 

Miami-born Buccellati Wildenstein lives with her husband and two young sons in Palm Beach, Florida, where she can easily pursue her passions for horseback riding and showjumping. As a toddler she moved to Italy, where she was immersed in the world of art and family business. 

Growing up, she considered creative professions like architecture or fashion, but ultimately went on to study jewelry design at GIA Milano and FIT in New York. And while she didn’t set out to join her family’s business, she discovered that the Buccellati design is imprinted in her DNA. 

Buccellati Wildenstein’s debut collection with her father was Blossoms, the first silver jewelry line the company ever made. She has become known for ushering in a new chapter of Buccellati that honors their heritage while appealing to the next generation of customers. For her personal style, Buccellati Wildenstein favors everyday pieces that work for riding and more.

Buccellati Wildenstein models a Macri Color ring | Photo by Sally O’Donnell

Serving as brand ambassador, Buccellati Wildenstein travels often — back to company  headquarters in Milan and around the world for special events. On December 8, 2022, she visited Chicago to showcase the new Macri Color “A Chromatic Beauty” collection at Buccellati’s Gold Coast boutique. Guests browsed the elegant collection, a natural evolution of the iconic Macri design, that is characterized by the unparalleled chromatic beauty of its stones. 

Notable guests were in attendance, including CEO of American Red Cross of Illinois Celena Roldan and members of the Red Cross Tiffany Circle.

Buccellati Wildenstein with Susan B. Noyes, founder of Make It Better Media Group (left); Celena Roldan, CEO of American Red Cross of Illinois (right) and members of the Red Cross Tiffany Circle, Jan Tratnik and Daniella Levitt | Photo by Sally O’Donnell

After her visit, Better had the opportunity to interview Buccellati Wildenstein and learn more about this extraordinary woman.

Better: You represent the fourth generation of an iconic and creative family, and are the first female in it to design for one of the most distinguished jewelry brands in the world. How did you feel accepting the weight of this impressive responsibility for your family? 

Buccellati Wildenstein: It’s an honor to represent the fourth generation of the Buccellati Family. I’m very proud to be the first female designer for the brand. I have a special working relationship with my dad that makes it possible to create special jewelry that appeals to the modern woman. 

You became co-creative director at the age of 26. How did you feel about this then? What are the challenges that you face now? What excites you most about the future? 

The biggest challenge is to create collections that appeal to the market while maintaining our iconic style and craftsmanship. I’m very excited for the future because we have many beautiful collections on the way.

You famously brought a more youthful design perspective to Buccellati, drawing on inspiration from nature. What informs your perspective now? How do you see  Buccellati balancing old and new — creating what will be perceived as timeless through the ages — going forward? 

The Buccellati style is what makes our jewels timeless. We look at the trends and get inspired. When we create a collection, it’s not only about the design, but also about how we can refine our craftsmanship for that design. 

As a working mother, wife and committed equestrian, how do you find balance?

It’s definitely not easy but it’s all about organization. 

What are your favorite, go-to pieces? Do you have a specific collection that holds special meaning to you? 

My favorite collection is the Macri collection because it’s so wearable and perfect for any occasion. I’m very excited about the new Macri Color collection, because it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done before. 

Are there any organizations or nonprofits you personally feel passionate about giving back to? 

I’m very close to charities that involve helping children and mothers. We have helped multiple organizations throughout the years, including Childhood USA

What looks and collections are you most looking forward to from Buccellati in  2023? 

Definitely the new Macri Color collection.

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