The Prettiest Ways to Keep Accessories Organized

The Prettiest Ways to Keep Accessories Organized

Just as you need to periodically give your closet an overhaul, the same rules apply for your accessories. Pro stylists and closet organizers Emily Simon and Debbie Kahn of Deco recommend doing a clothing and accessories purge seasonally to keep your pieces fresh and wearable. This rule also applies to makeup and shoes. Use a one-in-one-out strategy for things like shoes, handbags and scarves. You’ll have less clutter and end up keeping only the styles you most love to wear. It will be so worth it the next time you’re getting dressed!


Every few months, sort through your makeup and discard products that you no longer use or that have expired. To keep your makeup in a good rotation, Simon and Kahn recommend makeup organizers like acrylic stacking drawers that can be housed in a cabinet or on a countertop. If you like your makeup in drawers, Simon and Kahn suggest compartmentalized holders for each type of makeup. These usually come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased at The Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond.

Makeup Brushes

To keep makeup brushes from getting dusty, store them in inexpensive glass vases or candle holders you can find at stores like Home Goods or World Market. Large shot glasses are also just the right size. Use rocks or pebbles to keep brushes upright.


First, decide if you want to have your jewelry visible or hidden. Professional organizer Sheri Spielman uses pieces that aren’t necessarily intended to organize jewelry, but do a perfect job of holding jewels and look beautiful on a counter or bedside table.

“For a vintage feminine vignette, a tiered dish goes well with a bracelet bar and necklace stand,” says Spielman. “Another option is to use a frame. You can DIY with a piece of foam core board and a pretty fabric that coordinates with your decor.”

If you prefer your jewelry hidden in drawers, Spielman suggests lining acrylic trays with a fabric like velvet to soften the look and protect your valuables. Spielman also likes using lingerie boxes because the sections are large enough to allow for storing several similar items together (like a grouping of silver bracelets). If you’re especially crafty, you can adhere hooks to paint sticks and hang in your closet. For a particularly large jewelry collection, Spielman recommends an armoire designed to hold jewelry.

Photo courtesy of Emily Simon and Debbie Kahn.

Similarly, Simon and Kahn like to keep necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled by storing them on a T-bar or hanging them on simple hooks placed inside your closet or near your dresser. An over-the-door shoe organizer can also house chunkier pieces of jewelry and clear paneling makes it easy to see what you have.

Photo courtesy of Sheri Spielman.


Instead of folding your scarves, which creates creases and makes visibility more difficult, Simon and Kahn recommend purchasing a scarf hanger with multiple holes to keep scarves organized and available for you to see when you’re getting dressed.


Ditch your shoe boxes for clear shoe bins in order to keep your shoes dust-free and visible. You can even snap pictures of each pair of shoes and tape them to the outside of each box. If you are short on space, Simon and Kahn say to alternate each shoe in a pair to see the front and back. 

Photo courtesy of Emily Simon and Debbie Kahn.


Simon and Kahn prefer keeping handbags on display so that you remember to use them regularly. They suggest stuffing handbags with their dust bags to help keep the bag’s shape and keeping Swiffer cloths accessible in your closet for quick occasional wipe-downs. If you have the room, line up handbags with shelf dividers to keep handbags upright.

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